• contract safety management
  • customized safety manual development
  • worksite inspections
  • quantitative/qualitative fit testing (QLF/QTF) *Has a Portacount Pro machine for QTF
  • coming soon: external COR audits
  • coming soon: occupational hygiene
  • coming soon: selling safety products
  • assess and evaluate work procedures and environments to identify potential hazards and eliminate them, or ensure that adequate controls are put into action
  • advise managers, supervisors, and employees about safe work practices and safety standards and regulation
  • recommend appropriate procedures and equipment for safety and compliance with relevant legal regulations
  • develop health and safety policies and programs and implement education by facilitating employee safety committees and programs
  • promote safe work practices, injury, and fatality prevention activities
  • inspect machines identify and isolate potential hazards, recommend risk reduction measures that prompt the installation of safety features, or the introduction or safer work practices
  • investigative services for causes of incidents prompting the development of procedures and promote methods or devices to prevent similar occurrences in the future
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